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When going through the finance process with Westburn Finance, you will receive a personal service, with face-to-face contact. You will get to know our team, and we will get to know you so that we can apply our years of industry experience to successfully attain the most competitive finance option for your specific situation.

We work locally and exclusively in the North East of Scotland, meaning that you can build a relationship with our team who will provide you with independent advice and support.

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Our finance products are provided by lenders that we have handpicked to provide you with the best finance solutions to save you money. We will present a variety of options which are tailored and best suited to you.


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5 Reasons To Use Us

When you are thinking about finance for your new car, motorbike, caravan or business purchase, your first step is quite often to speak to your car dealer or bank. They already know you, already have your paperwork and because of that it probably seems like the easiest option. But they may not always be the best, or cheapest, choice.

We’ve compiled 5 reasons why you should consider Westburn Finance, Aberdeen’s Finance Broker, for your next finance purchase.

#1 – Free, no obligation quotes

If you are concerned that the finance package on offer from the car dealer might not be the best for you, why not ask us to offer a comparative quote? It is totally free and without obligation, and if we cannot offer you a significant saving we are happy to confirm that you already have a great deal.

#2 – No delays, no hassle

Arranging personal loans etc. can be time-consuming, particularly when you just want to get behind the wheel of your new car. We are car finance specialists, and understand how to make the process as smooth as possible. No trips to the bank, no waiting for funds to clear in your account, no arranging bank transfers. Just put us in touch with your chosen dealer and we can take care of the rest.

#3 – No pressure, no sales, no add-ons

Just honest, competitive, straight-forward car finance. Unlike some of the faceless multi-site car dealerships, we won’t sit you down and put pressure on you to sign anything. You can read through the documents at your leisure, we will explain them to you, you can take them home, keep them for three days, fashion the documents into a paper hat, make paper aeroplanes out of them. We simply don’t do pressure, when it’s a great deal you don’t have to. It will still be a great deal in three days if you want to take your time. Car dealers are keen for you to sign then and there because they don’t want to risk you discovering how much you could save by arranging your own car finance with Westburn.

#4 – Loans for cars, secured on cars

It’s a very simple concept, that has been with us for decades, which means it is easy to lose sight of why this is such a good idea. If your circumstances change, or you need to borrow for any other reason, car finance makes sense. Using a personal loan to purchase a car could make it more difficult to secure additional funding later if, for example, you need a new kitchen, or want to take that dream holiday. Some personal loans are secured on your property which can make matters complicated if you choose to move house. With Westburn’s car finance, if you decide to change your car, the finance can be changed at the same time.

#5 – Absolute privacy and discretion assured from a team of experts

At Westburn we are a small team, working within a private office in the West End of Aberdeen. All of our staff are accredited by the Finance and Leasing Authority (FLA) as Specialist Automotive Finance Experts. In the words of the FLA this “provides assurance to motor finance customers that they are receiving expert advice from an individual with a technical knowledge of all aspects of vehicle financing” .These days, thankfully, the “dodgy car dealer” is largely a thing of the past. Car dealers are, on the whole, professional and well-run businesses who want to treat their customers fairly, and offer a good deal. Their area of expertise, however, is cars and car sales, finance is an add-on which has become a necessary function of their business. Here at Westburn, finance is what we do.  In a world where some car dealers ask customers to share sensitive personal data, in an open plan showroom- we offer a safer, more professional and discreet service.

Hassle & jargon free

We understand that finance can be an intimidating and complicated matter, so Westburn Finance dedicate time to go through the process in a jargon-free way.  We believe it is crucial that you understand your options, the terms that you are agreeing to and what you are purchasing.

The length of time over which you take out an agreement. Common terms are 36, 48 or 60 months (3,4 or 5 years). 5 years is normally the maximum for cars, longer terms are available for caravans and motorhomes.
When you use your existing car as part-payment for a new one. Also known as a Trade In, or shortened to “Part Ex”.
Owing more on the finance agreement than your car is worth. Often referred to as “Neg Eq”.
This is the name given to the Balloon or Residual Value in PCP agreements. Unlike other agreements with PCP the finance company guarantees that your car will be worth this figure at the end of the agreement (assuming conditions such as mileage and servicing have been kept to). You have the option to hand the car back to the finance company at the end of your agreement.
Most car finance agreements will be a version of HP. This simply means an agreement to purchase goods by paying in instalments, but where you have the use of the goods while paying. You do not actually own the goods until the final payment has been made.
Covers you against any shortfall in payment should you write your car off or have it stolen while still paying for finance. There will be limits and conditions to most GAP policies.
The interest rate charged on the amount borrowed over the term. Does not include any reductions as you pay the loan off. Do not confuse with APR.
The rate of interest will remain the same right through the credit agreement, regardless of what happens to base rates. This will cover most car finance agreements.
Most agreements will require you to make a payment to cover the costs of setting up and documenting the agreement. This can either be spread across the payments, or taken as a lump sum, in some cases it can be a combination of these.
The positive difference between the value of your car and the amount outstanding.
The process of assessing a customer’s ability to repay the loan. This will include details from your Credit History, but will also consider suitability of the vehicle, age of the vehicle, and the affordability of the payments.
The length of time over which you take out an agreement. Common terms are 36, 48 or 60 months (3,4 or 5 years). 5 years is normally the maximum for cars, longer terms are available for caravans and motorhomes.
The predicted value of your car at the end of your finance agreement. Often shortened to “RV”.
Cover that pays your finance for you if you are ill, injured or unemployed. Also known as PPI.
The amount you repay each month. Always collected by Direct Debit.
The amount your car has decreased in value over the time you’ve owned it.
The initial payment you make towards the car before finance. This might be cash, your car as a trade-in, or a combination of both.
This is information held by institutions as a record of your financial dealings. It has details of current loans, loans you’ve had previously and how you’ve managed finances in the past. You will be scored based on this information, and financial organisations will use the score to decide if you should get credit, and if so, how much to give you. It can also be used to determine APR rates for a credit agreement. You can request copies of your record if required.
A deferred lump sum, payable at the end of the payment term. Taking this option means monthly payments are greatly reduced. Found in PCP and Lease Purchase agreements.
The use of APR in finance documents and advertising was designed to make it easier for consumers to understand. It is the cost of a loan as a yearly rate over its full term, and factors in fees. This will allow you to compare two agreements which might not have the same structure. However we would always recommend that you to work out how much you are paying in pounds and pence, after all that is the real cost.