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Personal Finance

Our range of Personal Finance options will be of interest to you if you are considering purchasing a vehicle of value for yourself or your family.

At Westburn Finance, we pride ourselves in world-class service and taking the stress and hassle out of finding the right car finance for our customers. Choosing your finance package is as important as finding the right car, and it is crucial to know your options.

We work to build our relationship with  clientsso that our personal and independent service will support you in attaining a funding package which meets your individual needs. Whether purchasing your first car or they are finally buying your dream car, our clients can be confident that they will receive impartial, expert and professional support from Westburn Finance to organise a bespoke finance package.

If four wheels is not right for you, then we can also help you find finance to fund the purchase of motorcycles, from an economical commuter to the bike of your dreams.

Personal Finance

Westburn Finance can help you fund many different vehicle:

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The length of time over which you take out an agreement. Common terms are 36, 48 or 60 months (3,4 or 5 years). 5 years is normally the maximum for cars, longer terms are available for caravans and motorhomes.
When you use your existing car as part-payment for a new one. Also known as a Trade In, or shortened to “Part Ex”.
Owing more on the finance agreement than your car is worth. Often referred to as “Neg Eq”.
This is the name given to the Balloon or Residual Value in PCP agreements. Unlike other agreements with PCP the finance company guarantees that your car will be worth this figure at the end of the agreement (assuming conditions such as mileage and servicing have been kept to). You have the option to hand the car back to the finance company at the end of your agreement.
Most car finance agreements will be a version of HP. This simply means an agreement to purchase goods by paying in instalments, but where you have the use of the goods while paying. You do not actually own the goods until the final payment has been made.
Covers you against any shortfall in payment should you write your car off or have it stolen while still paying for finance. There will be limits and conditions to most GAP policies.